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Looking for an apartment… to start the new semester!

Looking for an apartment… to start the new semester!

Searched and found: your place!

The word “study” comes from Latin and means “to pursue something with zeal.” Shortly before the start of the semester, this means looking for an apartment or shared apartment. Not that easy given the queues for apartment viewings and shared apartment castings. So what can you score with?

  1. Make yourself a landlord . Sometimes it is easier to find a large apartment and set up a shared apartment there yourself later. You can also choose your roommates yourself.
  2. Talk, talk, talk. This is the only way you can find out about rooms that are available in other shared apartments and bring you into discussion as a successor candidate .
  3. Find out more at your student union. There you will find lists of existing dormitories and can get advice. You can use the dormitory exchange to quickly get an overview of what is available in your future city.
  4. Click on your city's website. Since many study cities are expecting a large influx of first-year students due to the double year, they are creating new places to live - for example in former barracks . This has already worked in Münster and is being planned for other cities.
  5. The classic online formats such as WG-sucht or Student-WG can help you find rooms. NEW within the advertising landscape is noknok24 ! Your chances of finding a free room can be even higher there!
  6. Keep your eyes open in traffic. The paper method is persistent. There are always interesting housing offers on lampposts and traffic lights.
  7. Don't be afraid to take your own initiative! If you're willing to lend a hand, you can turn some "shack" into a real gem to suit your taste . Wallpapering, plastering, sanding floorboards - it's work, but also fun. And the apartments won't break your wallet. Sometimes you can save up to three rents.
  8. Furnished living: can be an alternative if you can't find anything quickly. Here you can first arrive without a moving van and look for a permanent place to stay on site. It's easier than standing in the new city with all your luggage.

Are you one of the lucky ones who finally found a place to stay? Then all you have to do is move. Not everyone has the necessary cash for moving professionals. But there is another way. If your best friends don't feel like moving furniture right away, turn it into a party. The principle is simple: you provide beer, pizza and cool music, the others carry your things into your room or apartment, leaving room for dancing. Not enough friends? You can also find inexpensive moving helpers online, for example at Find moving helpers . When packing your things, make sure that the boxes are not too full. Ideally so that you can carry each box alone.

Once you've settled down, don't forget the move-in party! Maybe there are several shared apartments in your house, then get together. Nothing is better than a multi-apartment party - there is hardly a better start to a new city, to your new life.


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