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Housing benefit

Housing benefit

Housing benefit is generally not paid for students because they are essentially entitled to BAföG - but there is still the possibility for students to receive a housing benefit subsidy.

It is worth applying for housing benefit under the following conditions:

  • Your training is not eligible training according to Section 2 BAföG
  • You receive services from gifted support organizations in accordance with Section 2 Paragraph 6 No. 2 BAföG
  • You are completing a further second, supplementary or postgraduate course in accordance with Section 7 Paragraph 2 BAföG for which the requirements for funding are not met
  • you break off your training or change your field of study without an important or irrefutable reason, in accordance with Section 7 Paragraph 3 BAföG
  • you are a foreigner and do not meet the conditions according to Section 8 BAföG
  • you have exceeded the maximum BAföG funding period in accordance with Section 15 Paragraph 2 BAföG and you do not meet the requirements for funding beyond the maximum funding period in accordance with Section 15 Paragraph 3 BAföG or for assistance with completing your studies in accordance with Section 15 Paragraph 3a BAföG
  • you have not submitted proof of achievement in accordance with Section 48 BAföG
  • Important:
  • Benefits under the Federal Training Assistance Act that you do not receive because your parents'/spouse's income or your own income are too high are excluded from housing benefit support. The maintenance obligation arises.
  • If you only receive BAfög as a bank loan , you can apply for housing benefit since January 1, 2009.

An application for housing benefit must always be preceded by an application for BAföG. The BAföG notice is valid as proof for the housing benefit authority. The Office for Training Funding is solely responsible for determining whether you are actually entitled to BAföG funding.

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Here you can find out all the conditions for receiving a housing allowance as a student.

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