Knowledge for show-offs: stress-killer multiplication tables

Knowledge for show-offs: stress-killer multiplication tables

The worst thing during the exams is the point at which nothing works anymore. This usually occurs because we stress ourselves out too much and our heads seem to be racing. But how do you avoid this vicious circle? There are a few small tools:

1. Laugh
A smiling movement is enough and endorphins are released, which in turn block the stress hormones.

2. Chocolate
The sweet stimulates the happiness hormone serotonin and thus supports the blockage of stress hormones again.

3. Tea
Its warmth has a relaxing effect: valerian, chamomile and lemon balm teas also calm the nerves.

4. Banana
It's the mix that counts: minerals and easily digestible carbohydrates help you escape the stress cycle.

5. Movement
Cycling, running, swimming – the movement relieves your pressure and returns the disturbed body functions to normal.

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