Knowledge for show-offs: Mobile telephony

Knowledge for show-offs: Mobile telephony

Show-offs and cell phones are known to be inextricably linked, and of course, to use World Cup jargon, that's a great opportunity for us.

We often hear a certain ringtone that is now commonly known as “Nokia Tune”. On many cell phones it sounds with a piano sound - which is of course completely wrong: The melody comes from Francisco Tárrega (1852 - 1909) and was originally written as “Gran Vals” for the guitar, and we hear bars 13-16 from it. And by the way, Nokia used to make rubber boots and tires, while Samsung, for example, was initially active in the construction industry and food processing.

And don’t say “mobile phone” when you speak English – the word is a German invention! The braggart says dignified “cellular phone”. In Sweden, however, the term “nalle” is common and means “teddy bear”, while Icelanders sometimes say “Gemsi” and literally call their cell phone “young sheep”. Many Arabs say “Jawwal,” which means “that which walks around.”

By the way, a true show-off only shows off his cell phone at the right moment, and in the cinema it's always the wrong moment. That's why many cinemas in the USA use jammers specifically to prevent annoying ringing! Worth imitating, we think!

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