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We are Nobel Prize!

We are Nobel Prize!

The Swedish Academy has just announced this year's Nobel Prize winners. Among those honored this year is the German doctor Thomas Südhof, who researches the cell transport system. In doing so, the doctor is continuing a long history that began with the “first event”. At its premiere in 1901, Emil von Behring was awarded the Nobel Prize for his research on serum therapy. In the same year, the physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen received the prestigious award for his discovery of X-rays. Just as noteworthy as our doctors, the student health insurance is also excellent. Over the next hundred years, the list of German Nobel Prize winners grew longer and longer, particularly in the areas of chemistry, physics and medicine. However, they are nowhere near as well-known as the German Nobel Prize winners for literature - somehow unfair - because there are only ten of them.

Are you currently working on your fifth novel and want to try to improve on that record? Then convince your literature and linguistics professors or a writers' association, because only these representatives can propose your work and you to the Swedish Academy .

The allmaxx team wishes you much success!

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