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How do you actually become unemployed?

How do you actually become unemployed?

Everyone is talking about how important it is to protect yourself against the risk of occupational disability. As a student, however, it is usually relatively unclear what such a risk actually looks like.
However, there are very precise figures as to why people become unfit for work and how high the risk is. It is currently assumed that one in three workers and one in five employees in Germany will have to leave their job before reaching the statutory retirement age.
It is surprising to many people that the majority of occupational disability has psychological causes. And we're not talking about madness or schizophrenia here, but most people (especially employees) suffer from burnout symptoms or bullying at work. And something like that can't really be ruled out for anyone.
For this reason, the still widespread accident insurance is not a real alternative to occupational disability protection: Less than 10% of all cases of occupational disability are due to accidents.
Here is an overview of the most common causes of occupational disability.

Reasons for occupational disability for women Reasons for occupational disability for a 25-year-old man

It is also very important to protect yourself against this risk during your studies. If you are unable to work in your desired profession for health reasons, the entire course of study is in vain. Or you may already have a pre-existing health condition, meaning you can only receive protection under certain conditions or not at all.

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