How to deal with learning stress

How to deal with learning stress

One exam follows the next and the summer is far too exciting to constantly hang out at home or in the library. Somehow the concentration doesn't seem to be at its peak.

Whether you are cramming for the upcoming exams or for your bachelor's, master's, diploma or exam - every single stage causes restlessness, panic and learning stress. How am I supposed to do all of this? How do I learn most effectively? How do I remember the flood of information? I don't want to fail! Everyone will say: “Find a balance that suits you!” Whether you go for a long walk, meet up with friends, go for a coffee, do sports or go dancing in the evening; There is always something to recharge your batteries and clear your head.

Everyone will find that there are positive and negative distractions. The latter probably includes intoxicants such as marijuana, ecstasy or cocaine. They are illegal and harmful!

However, if you want to relax or increase your concentration, you can also choose legal ways, for example with herbal or incense mixtures at legale-misch.co . These often imitate intoxicating states, although these are legal and do not constitute a criminal offense. Nevertheless, you should also pay attention to the dosage because everyone reacts differently. It would also be advisable to eat before and during and drink plenty of water.

Herbal mixtures calm, provide a warm feeling, make you sleepy, increase the feeling of hunger and change physical and mental perception. Similar to cannabis. The consumption of these mixtures, which are available in different variants, effectiveness periods and price ranges, is variable.

However, it is up to each individual how he or she finds a balance to the stress of learning - everyone has different ideas and differentiated moral aspects that they pursue.

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