How to cope with stressful situations with a healthy diet

How to cope with stressful situations with a healthy diet

A healthy diet not only strengthens your physical fitness, but also your mental health. Only those who provide themselves with sufficient energy and healthy nutrients can achieve physical and mental performance. And especially in stressful situations such as exam periods and revision, this is more important than ever!

Avoid the sugar devil!

Due to learning stress and a lack of time, each of you has probably resorted to foods that contain a lot of sugar, such as chocolate bars. However, the energy is only available to the body for a short time. The blood sugar level skyrockets and the performance curve increases, but only for a short time. The value then declines just as quickly. In order to maintain the positive effect, you then reach for the next chocolate bar and quickly fall into the sugar trap. To prevent this, it is recommended to eat whole grains or oatmeal instead.

Grab Brain Food!

Because these foods consist of long-chain carbohydrates, the energy of which is available to the body for a long time. This means that concentration can remain constant at one level for several hours, thus avoiding significant drops in performance. Whole grain bread and oatmeal with fruit and curd are also an ideal breakfast. These foods are not only full of healthy ingredients, but are also quick to prepare and therefore ideal even if you are short on time. Nuts are also ideal if you are short on time. They are an optimal energy snack and a true brain food : They are rich in B vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and the neurotransmitter choline, which has a positive effect on the brain and nerve cells . Eating walnuts in particular can prevent poor concentration and nervousness . In addition, almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts are rich in magnesium, which is considered a real stress reliever .

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