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Whatsapp – the 25 funniest status sayings

Whatsapp – the 25 funniest status sayings

Whatsapp status – and you put yourself away!

Texting is faster with WhatsApp and contributes significantly to entertainment in lectures, at home and simply anywhere. Here is our best of the coolest and funniest Whatsapp status sayings .

Have fun partying

“The student studies, the worker works, the boss makes money.”

“The NSA is monitoring the Pope. Chuck Norris monitors the NSA.”

“Hey There! “I am using your girlfriend.”

“My professors are like junkies: they only think about their material.”

“It’s better to look smug than to come in educated.”

“For the NSA: Terror Attack Plutonium Merkel Obama Bomb White House”

“You can tell good sex when your neighbor lights up a cigarette afterwards.”

“You can retake exams, but not parties .”

“Act like a lady, drink like a boss!”

“I don’t let my head hang, otherwise my crown will fall off.”

“Bye level, see you Monday!”

“Can I save my life for a moment and try something?”

“I was an atheist until I realized I was a sex god.”

“If you look like shit on Monday, you’ve had a great weekend.”

“I don't laze around. I work so fast that I’m always finished.”

“I have so little sex that I even watch porn in my dreams.”

“Relationship Status: Forgiven to Freedom”

“Women love the simple things in life – for example men.”

“My smartphone battery lasts longer than your relationship.”

“It’s Halloween – let’s take off our makeup!”

“Friday – my second favorite word with an F.”

"You do not have to like me. I’m not a Facebook status.”

“Safe water, drink champagne.”

“Before it gets embarrassing, I’d better ask Google.”

"You dont grow up, the toys are only getting more expensive."

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