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Set up shared rooms free of charge

Set up shared rooms free of charge

Do some of you know that? After a semester you realize that the new flat share somehow doesn't work as you imagined at the flat share casting. One of the roommates constantly leaves his dishes until the noodles are hard and have united with the ceramic of the plate, while the other roommate blocks the bath for hours in the morning and you are late for the lectures. Now you have to look for a new place to stay. The problem is that the current room was furnished and you can only find unfurnished rooms. You didn't expect that you would suddenly have to spend money on furnishing the room.

Where can I get furniture for free?

To move three times is like once burned down. Yeah, we know these sayings from grandma. But what grandma doesn't know is how easy it is to get to furniture, shelves, televisions or dishes today andCompletely set up again almost free of chargeCan. Well, there was no internet back then either.

Today all the more and the services are becoming more and more sophisticated. In the category “To be given away” at markt.deYou can find everything for the new Butze or the first room in a shared apartment-and there is still enough money left for a proper break.

What can I find free of charge for my room?

Sorted by cities and categories, various furnishings are offered: from sofas to beds to packaging material or decorative elements. Most of the time you have to pick things up, but if it's free, you do it without batting an eyelid! Today we found a TV directly on the first page. Admittedly-it was just a tube, but it didn't matter. TV is TV and in emergencies we also like to use a retro model. If you want to resume your resolutions for the new year, grab an elliptical cross trainer. Yes, exactly-even fitness equipment is given away. If your new flat share is equipped with a balcony, you should access the garden furniture. So you not only make yourself happy, but also get the new flat share life in the mood with a positive feeling. Now nothing can go wrong!

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