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If the student uses too many tissues...

If the student uses too many tissues...

...we don't mean the side effects of crying into the pillow because of heartbreak. It's the harmless cold! Really harmless? More often than you might think, it knocks out even the strongest student.

At the beginning of the winter semester, the common cold also moves into lecture halls, seminar rooms and dormitories with great regularity. The germs are circulating everywhere and the noise level is rising in the libraries. Normally we spare you wisdom from parents and grandparents, but in this case exceptions are permitted in the interest of the general public. Because age-old home remedies often really help and are also cheaper than any cough syrup from the pharmacy. These are our top five:

Scientifically Proven Help: Chicken Soup
Researchers at the University of Nebraska have found that freshly prepared chicken soup with vegetables has an anti-inflammatory effect. It blocks the white blood cells that cause the mucous membranes to swell and trigger coughs and runny noses. A nice side effect: the steam from the hot soup moistens the airways and helps you breathe through better.

Makes you hot and spicy – ​​ginger
Ginger is commonly known as an aphrodisiac. But the “spicy maker” also helps with colds thanks to its stimulating effect on the blood vessels. Nasal mucous membranes and heat receptors receive a lot of blood and germs flow away more quickly.

Gross, but helpful – warm beer
It sounds terrible, it tastes that way, but it's a simple remedy and available in every student shared apartment: beer. When brought to temperature, the barley juice stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and helps against body aches. Then it's best to wrap up warm and sweat.

Simple recipe: onion juice
Some people remember it from their childhood, but it also helps later. Cut the onion, sprinkle with sugar, cover and wait about an hour. A juice is formed that is particularly helpful against coughs. This is due to the essential oils it contains. The equally abundant vitamin C strengthens the immune system. Just the taste – well…

Steam bath with salt
It’s quick – it helps quickly. Add three heaped teaspoons of salt - it doesn't matter whether it's normal table salt or the exclusive Himalayan version - to one liter of very hot water and inhale well. Preferably several times a day.

For all other cases that could affect your health, we recommend that you equip yourself with a proper student health insurance policy in advance!

So, now good luck… – haaa aaaatschi – … get well soon!

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