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Wellness oasis in the student bathroom

Wellness oasis in the student bathroom

Image source: wellness©flickr/GoldenerBerg

The average size of a bathroom is usually around eight square meters. Accordingly, often only the bare essentials such as a sink, bathtub, shower and toilet are installed. Manufacturers have now adapted to these spaces and developed corresponding space miracles so that the space can be used optimally, especially in small bathrooms.

Shower cubicles etc.

Whether a modern shower cubicle with corner entry, a walk-in snail shower or double showers for large bathrooms, the showers made of real glass are easy to clean and give every bathroom a touch of luxury. As an alternative to the shower, free-standing bathtubs or a whirlpool can also be placed in the room. Elegant fittings complete the overall picture.

Storage space for a tidy atmosphere

Small bathrooms often do not offer the necessary storage space, which can easily lead to visual clutter. Therefore, when storing the utensils, the height of the room should be used, for example through shelves or wall cupboards with a minimal depth. Narrow roll containers are also a good solution, for example for the niche in the bathroom. Mirror cabinets and shelves offer enough space for utensils that are used several times a day, such as toothbrush cups and cosmetics.

Visual size through color-coordinated furnishings

In small bathrooms, you should make sure that the tiles are one color, this gives the room more size. Instead of a shower curtain, a glass shower screen should be preferred as it does not create a visual separation. A large mirror also makes a room look more spacious. Cabinets, shelves and accessories should only be used sparingly and should preferably be coordinated in light colors. People who prefer showering may be able to forego a bathtub and choose a shower stall instead. This makes the room grow larger.

Large bathrooms as a wellness oasis

Even though almost every bathroom can be transformed into a harmonious wellness oasis with a little creativity, larger bathrooms offer more room for imagination. Whether it's bathroom furniture in an elegant design, a rattan lounger, large mirrors, elegant decorations and green plants, there are hardly any limits to your imagination. Even the blinds can be adapted to the furnishing style and the dominant color in the bathroom. Nevertheless, the bathroom should not appear overloaded. The furnishings do not always have to be puristic, but the design and choice of colors should definitely harmonize with one another. With accessories in matching colors such as towels, soap rags, bathrobes, bath mats, etc., the bathroom shines in fresh colors. Laundry baskets made of plastic, rattan or natural wood should also match the interior style. These are often designed to be permeable to air, so that unpleasant odors are avoided. In this way, the fresh, tidy atmosphere in the bathroom is maintained.

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