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Christmas gifts to make yourself: paper scrap lamp and forest for the apartment

Christmas gifts to make yourself: paper scrap lamp and forest for the apartment

Students and trainees in particular know the problem: You would like to buy your loved ones great gifts for Christmas, but unfortunately money is tight every year. We have found a cool alternative for you on how you can make really nice gifts without spending a lot of money.

Our tip: The Handimania website. Here you will find some ideas about what you can conjure up from old bottles, plastic spoons, newspapers, etc.

Tip 1: Personal photo tea light

You need parchment paper that you can print with your photos. Attach it to a glass with double-sided adhesive tape, insert the tea light and you have a very personal gift!

Tip 2: Glitter ball

Take a sealable jar and attach the Lego figure to the lid with superglue. Fill the glass to the brim with boiled water. Put thick glitter in the jar and then seal it with the Lego figure. Optionally, you can line the edge of the glass with silicone.

Tip 3: Christmas photos

Simply cut a Christmas tree, star or snowflake into a piece of paper/cardboard and glue the paper to the front of the lens.

Tip 4: Christmas tree ball with a message

You need some higher quality glossy paper that you can write on with messages. Then cut it to size, roll it and put it in a transparent Christmas ball.

Tip 5: Mini vases

Empty nail polish bottles, spray with polish and let dry. Then decorate the neck of the bottle with yarn and small buttons. Then put small plants in the mini vases. Don't forget water ;)

Tip 6: Exceptional lamp

All you need is a round ceiling light and scraps of paper that you cut into thin strips. These must taper to a point at the bottom. You then stick the strips around the lamp from bottom to top and your very individual ceiling light is ready :)

Tip 7: Wardrobe

You need a thick wooden frame and a few thicker branches. Screw everything tight and bang, your wardrobe is ready! There will definitely not be another one like this.

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The allmaxx team wishes you a lot of fun crafting

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