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Watchever – The best films always and everywhere!

Watchever – The best films always and everywhere!

What does Watchever offer for students?

“Television gives you square eyes.”

... and a long nose from lying. Did your parents always try to stop you from looking into the tube at will with the extremely plausible argument about square eyes?
Yes, us too. The proof is still pending today.
What great memories there are with exciting children's programs on Saturday or Sunday mornings - preferably from six in the morning - certainly don't need to be mentioned here. If so, let this refresh your memory.

“When you grow up, you can decide how long you watch TV.”

It certainly took some time, but anyone who is now old enough as a student and can manage their own time and operate an internet-enabled device has the opportunity to watch films and series of all genres freely at to enjoy. It doesn't matter whether you want to indulge in the hobby with a Mac, PC or notebook, because the platform offers its app for numerous devices . This means you can also watch the latest episode of your favorite series on mobile devices, such as Android tablets and iPhones or iPads. Students can even use Watchever to fill their breaks at university.
Gamers don't miss out either, as the WATCHEVER app can be easily installed on Play Station and Xbox. If you have problems with this, you can find helpful step-by-step descriptions for all the devices on offer on the homepage.

“When I was young there was no such thing.”

In this case, that's probably true, because online streaming is linked to the development of the WWW and only became usable for the average consumer in the late 80s at the earliest. The step about illegal uploading and downloading as well as the gray area of ​​the well-known and now closely watched streaming sites from Timbuktu are only mentioned here for the sake of completeness and can be put aside immediately.

Films in the best quality at any time of the day or night

With WATCHEVER the user can pursue his cinematic passion legally and in the best HD quality . Anyone who likes to talk about works also has the opportunity to let their social network know what is recommended via “likes” and find out what their friends are watching. What's also great is that you can watch the films and series even without a permanent internet connection. Simply save the title in offline mode and enjoy it on the go.
Another treat is available for parents. You can activate parental controls via your account and thus protect your children from inappropriate content. If you are still not convinced, you can test the offer free of charge for the time being.
So WATCHEVER can't bring back your parents' precocious sayings from your childhood , but it can bring back the enthusiasm from back then, Sunday morning.

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