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Advantages and disadvantages of a Riester pension

Advantages and disadvantages of a Riester pension

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In the prime of our student lives, we usually can't quite imagine that the pitfalls of old age will one day affect us in the same way as our grandparents. Especially since the search for a decent job, career and family planning are still to come. Even if it sounds strange, you should still start thinking about the time after your working life. Because “pensions are secure” is a saying from ancient times and the fact is that poverty in old age is likely to increase. So, precaution is the order of the day.

To revive your studies even in old age

A common model for this is the Riester pension. However, it offers advantages and disadvantages for students. On the one hand, it is good to start “Riestern” as early as possible. Because a long term actually pays off at the end of your working life. You are guaranteed a pension that will never fall and you can also use it to finance your own future construction projects. In addition, your money is safe as there is a 100% capital guarantee. This means that all providers must guarantee the full amounts paid including allowances. On the other hand, the subsidized annual contribution is limited and you can only use the saved credit from the age of 60. In addition, pension payments are fully taxable.

If you've managed to keep track of things this far and are seriously thinking about the next steps, click through the complete list of the advantages and disadvantages of the Riester pension for students at Fondsvmietung24 . The comprehensive guide informs you about all allowances, fund savings plans and the Wohn-Riestern. Here you will also find a practical pension calculator with which you can quickly determine your funding online. You can also find out more about the Riester pension premium in a video that briefly summarizes the benefits and advantages over other models in a film. Apart from that, you have the option of contacting a consultant directly if you need further information.

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