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Van Damme and Volvo

Van Damme and Volvo

It's not just advertising industry practices that talk about it. It is the viral phenomenon of the last few days. It's just a Volvo commercial. A Volvo generally exudes as much youth and dynamism as a support stocking, but this time the marketing department has done a great job.

The commercial is an absolute hit on the Internet. Perhaps also because of the prominent support of Jean-Claude Van Damme. And suddenly, thank God, no one is talking about Miley's wrecking ball striptease anymore. If you haven't actually seen it yet, watch it now:

According to consistent witness statements, this epic split is not a fake. But the guys and gals at CollegeHumor discovered that at least JCVD's thoughts were misrepresented. You can see what the old little Chauvi 80s B-movie star was really thinking while two trucks forced him to do the show-off act here:

And that is nothing but the truth!

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