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Training for the assessment center

Training for the assessment center

Not only newcomers and alumni often have to undergo certain tests during the application process. The assessment center is becoming increasingly important because it allows the ideal employee to be appointed for a specific position.

What exactly is an assessment center (AC)?

An assessment center is a way of selecting personnel. Within a few days (usually 3 days) the qualifications, behavior and competence of the candidates should be assessed by the AC. This makes it possible to determine whether the applicant is professionally and personally suitable for the advertised position. These exercises, which are based on behavioral and work samples, are test-driven and are completed in group and individual discussions. The applicant should be able to meet the requirements so that the observers can draw conclusions from how the AC participant later behaves in everyday work. Therefore, AC training in advance is a good idea!

Little tip: stay authentic! When we talked to HR managers, we noticed again and again that the candidates who came across as authentic, honest and open ultimately had the best chance of getting the job. Pretense doesn't help much with observation procedures, because after only a short time it becomes apparent that one or the other contradicts each other during the various exercises. Admitting that you can't do something is perfectly fine, as long as it's not the case with every exercise.

Preparation for the assessment center

Anyone who is invited to an assessment center for the first time is usually unsure, as well as being excited about the potential job. But don't worry, you can prepare yourself mentally and professionally for the AC training free of charge. Because even if observers are usually used to nervousness, uncertainty becomes immediately noticeable and worsens the chances of getting a job.

So dear applicants: It is important to remain calm, but still prepare thoroughly!

You can complete AC training for free here:

Together with BARMER GEK, the student health insurance company, we offer AC training nationwide free of charge for career preparation as well as an all-round service for studying. After the assessment center training, you will be familiar with typical sources of error, have a better self-assessment and can move into your future AC with self-confidence!

Content of the AC training for students

• Detailed one-day seminar

• Qualified observation

• Limited number of participants

• Practical training phase with use of flipcharts, pinboards, slides and camera training

• Detailed and personal feedback discussion with implementation tips

• Presentation of methods by various companies

Good luck!

Register here for free AC training and prepare yourself optimally for applying for your dream job!

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