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Tips and tricks for saving electricity

Tips and tricks for saving electricity

Power consumption must go down!

Are you on a tight budget and are you thinking about showering every 3 days or only turning on the stove once a week and switching to a raw food diet for the rest of the days to save electricity? This will do your account some good and the climate will thank you , but you may catapult yourself into social exclusion or your gut will rebel at some point.

1. A suitable electricity tariff is needed!

Of course, you can and should pay conscious attention to your electricity consumption and give up all your wasteful habits. However, if you continue to use an expensive provider that the previous tenant applied for, all your efforts will be of no use to you. There are significant differences in the price models of electricity tariffs . On Best Electricity Comparison you can choose the most suitable and cheapest electricity tariff using an electricity tariff calculator. You get the advice in one fell swoop and save a lot of time. But don't just pay attention to the price, but also to notice periods and contract terms. This way you can get out quickly if you want to move. Ah yes, and by the way, green electricity is not necessarily more expensive than conventional electricity tariffs. So with green electricity you don't have a guilty conscience if you shower more often.

2. Dealing with electricity needs to be reconsidered!

  • Use the daylight! When you're studying, it's not so hard on the eyes and you'll have more time to meet friends in the evening if you use the day to study.
  • Buy LED lights! Do you have to buy new lamps anyway? Then grab the energy-efficient things!
  • Leave the walls white! Anyone who moves into a new apartment or room in a shared apartment leaves or paints the walls white. It's hipper than a colorful villa anyway and the light reflects better.
  • Get power strips with switches! Even devices that are plugged in and switched off still draw juice. You can stop the flow of electricity with a switch.
  • Boil your water in the kettle first! And then put it in the pot. This also makes cooking quicker.
  • Pot and lid belong together! Even if you are still looking for your lid, your pot has found it. Cooking without a lid uses multiple times as much energy.
  • Fridge doesn't like the stove! And neither does the washing machine. Heat sources directly next to our cool friend make him more stressed.
  • Don't burn your clothes! It is better to wash at 30° than at 60° and avoid pre-washing and tumble drying. With good detergent, the laundry sounds clean and nothing shrinks.
  • New TV – bring it on! Explain to your parents that the most modern parts save the most electricity. This makes it easier for you to secure your next B-Day gift.
  • Educate your friends about saving electricity! When they visit you, they will also treat your electricity with respect.

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