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Study media management!

Study media management!

Media management – ​​more diverse than almost any other media course

The working students at allmaxx not only study media-related subjects, but also! Before her current master's degree in information and communication sciences, Patricia from the allmaxx editorial team studied a bachelor's degree in media management. As part of the 3-year bachelor's degree, Patricia acquired business and market knowledge, management skills, dealing with creative processes and the ability to communicate across disciplines. If you would like to find out more, you should find out more about the media management course here . Patricia reports on her experiences below.

“We had to be business economists, communication scientists and designers at the same time”

A bachelor's degree is not easy per se. The clichés that students have endless free time should have been discarded since Bologna . Studying media management wasn't a walk in the park either, Patricia remembers:

“Every day we learned something new. A lot was asked of us. We had to be business economists, communication scientists and designers at the same time. When I told my friends from other majors that within one semester I would learn how to shoot and edit a music video, give a presentation followed by a discussion on ethics in journalism, solve cases in media and copyright law and manage the company's accounting, they were amazed “They’re not bad.”

Less popular subjects such as math are also part of the media management course . Once exams of this kind are over, media management students, among other things, have fun

  • Business English
  • image editing
  • Website design
  • Media research
  • journalism
  • Human resources management
  • Corporate management
  • Advertising psychology
  • marketing
  • public relations

“In the 5th semester, for example, in a group of four we put together a communication concept for a well-known company. In advance, we acquired a customer who was interested in commissioning media management students to develop a PR concept. From the market analysis to the development of strategies and measures, we were involved in the entire conception process. On the final day, we presented in the Audimax to, among other things, the customer herself. This brought us four girls together and we still think about this project regularly today. Each of us writes the reference on our CV.” , enthuses Patricia.

Media managers – in demand as ever!

Three years of hard work that paid off while you were still studying. Most students have part-time jobs. Prospective media managers already work as working students in a wide variety of companies and agencies. Patricia says:

“During my studies, there was hardly anyone who financed their studies through cash-strapped jobs. Most students have already gained practical experience in large companies within the first semester. A fellow student, for example, worked in marketing at Zalando . She was always very hardworking, collected top grades and that paid off early on.”

With the broad knowledge gained from their studies, media management students can be used in a variety of ways . “Most of us graduates found an internship or a junior position in a company or agency straight after completing our bachelor’s degree. Some work in online marketing for popular lifestyle magazines, others in the PR department of major TV channels. Two former fellow students have set up their own event agency and are running their own store. Basically, media managers can find a job in almost every industry. I decided to do a master's degree and also earn money as an editor at allmaxx. When I started studying media management, I didn't think that I would like writing and that I would enjoy it so much," Patricia continues: "I initially applied for another project at allmaxx and, based on my qualifications, I was immediately offered a working student job. It can happen so quickly! Sometimes as a media manager you get jobs without even applying. Former fellow students have had good experiences with XING, for example.”

Media are indispensable these days. In the face of increasing competition, companies not only have to impress with the quality of their products and services, but also provide the target group with added value. When making a purchase, customers also choose a lifestyle that they live. This requires extensive communication work, which a media manager can handle excellently. Not only is the planning and implementation of advertising messages, for example, relevant for success, the efficient use of a given budget is also essential. A media manager is an all-round talent who has the best career prospects. You will become a taxi driver in your next life!

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