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Student protests reloaded

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The images from Venezuela are currently going around the world - students protesting and demonstrating against the current government in Venezuela. For more freedom of expression and an improvement in the economic and social situation in the South American country with one of the highest inflation rates. A coalition with peaceful intentions, which is, however, met with a bloody and violent reaction from the incumbent government. Give up? No! Students are the future of tomorrow because they are instrumental in shaping the path of every country. We therefore take a look into the past; on the most important student protests in history.

It all started with National Socialism

Even during the National Socialist era, there were protests from some student movements. The Göttingen riots or the boycott of Hitler speeches are a few examples.

'68 - today

The 1968 student protests formed the foundation of all subsequent demonstrations. Students all over the world joined forces to improve political and social conditions. In the 1990s, the poor equipment in educational institutions led to students coming together to draw attention to the grievances. With success.
The introduction of nationwide tuition fees in 2005 sparked the largest protests in recent years. Students across Germany took to the streets and denounced the university system: overcrowded lecture halls, financial cuts in the education sector and inequality of opportunity due to the introduction of tuition fees. Our neighboring countries were also busy: In France in 2006 there were demonstrations against the new introduction of special labor law for young professionals and Austria, known for the relatively low hurdles to getting a place at university, had to deal with angry students in 2009 who didn't even attend some lectures more get a seat on the steps of the lecture hall.

What are the benefits of student protests?

One individual will hardly be able to make a difference. Only as a collective can you make your voice heard! And even though not everything can be changed, even small changes are a step in the right direction. So don't give up, just keep going!

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