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Scholarship programs for internships abroad and for MINT students

Scholarship programs for internships abroad and for MINT students

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Scholarships are highly sought after and students usually have to go through a long process if they want to apply. State scholarships also often require an application one year in advance. If you plan at short notice, you will miss the deadline and therefore the chance to get a scholarship for your studies.

The financial service provider MLP, which supports academics with financial questions and career planning, has developed two different scholarship programs that are awarded annually. Not only very good academic performance is expected. Anyone who impresses with their personality in the multi-stage selection process has the chance to win one of the brilliant scholarships. In cooperation with MLP, we at allmaxx will present these scholarships to you in more detail.

The scholarship programs are aimed at students from multiple disciplines. On the one hand, in the Join the Best scholarship program you have the opportunity to receive extensive support, for example during the gap year - the time between your bachelor's and master's studies - and to complete an exclusive internship at a business company abroad.
The MINT Excellence program supports students in the MINT subjects: financially and professionally as well as through contacts in long-term networks.

Join the best – the international internship program

Internships abroad are now a given in many study programs and are a great opportunity to gain work experience and get to know a new country culturally. If you would like to take some time between your bachelor's and master's degrees and consider gaining practical experience, that is Join the best – internship program may be just right for you. As part of a scholarship, you will receive the costs of flights, accommodation, an insurance package and a credit card. You also have the chance of further internships and the award of 10 gap year packages. You get contacts with personnel decision-makers in a wide range of areas and thus exclusive job placement.

The chance of receiving such a Join the Best scholarship is not bad at all: more than 100 internships at home and abroad as well as scholarships are awarded at top companies in all areas every year.

Criteria for the award: You are a German-speaking student, full-time MBA, doctoral student or bachelor's graduate and are planning to do a master's degree immediately afterwards. The application process is multi-stage: If your application is convincing, you will be invited to a pre-selection and finally to the final assessment center.

The current application deadline for the scholarship program starting in spring 2015 runs until December 12, 2014. So apply quickly !

You can find more information here .

MINT Excellence – scholarships for students in MINT subjects

With the MINT Excellence program, MLP, together with the Manfred Lautenschläger Foundation, supports students in the MINT subjects and awards 31 scholarships to students of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology.

Financial support is 3,000 euros per scholarship holder.

Criteria for awarding:

You are studying at a German university in mathematics, natural sciences, computer science or technology. You have achieved good or very good results or are socially involved or have achieved special academic achievements.

You can still apply for the MINT Excellence scholarship program until April 15, 2015!

You can find more information here .

Do you think getting a scholarship is really difficult? Then you haven't read this article yet. MLP offers two scholarship programs that appeal to a wide range of students. You don't need top performance in your studies to do this.

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