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Are you still sorting out or are you already dating?

Are you still sorting out or are you already dating?

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The sentences “Unfortunately I don’t have a photo for you today” or “Shania-Shakira, would you like to accept this rose?” are still ringing in our ears. Selection like on an assembly line. Luckily, this is now also possible privately – with the dating app Tinder .

Registering is very easy because you do it via your Facebook profile. The friendly app pulls out all the relevant data, from your first name and age to your likes (how is this app financed??), and you are the proud owner of a profile. Even 3 photos will automatically be pulled into your Tinder profile. From our experience in the allmaxx office, they are not always the most beautiful, so a subsequent change is definitely worthwhile. Well, done. What now? You can then let users show you your immediate surroundings and browse through a kind of catalog. You can give people you don't like a “Nope” either immediately or after viewing their profile and that user disappears - supposedly forever. True to the motto: Your left nostril is bigger than your right, sorry, but NEXT! If you like someone, you can send a heart. But now comes the highlight: All of this happens anonymously and no one can understand who gave you a “Nope” or a “Heart”. Only if both people “rate each other with a heart” will a match be created, you will receive a notification and can finally write to each other. Unlike other dating apps, the risk of getting hurt is significantly lower; on the other hand, the cold-heartedness and superficiality increases immeasurably! With this in mind: Here's to love, get set, Nope!

Finally, a little anecdote from the allmaxx office: A very picky colleague distributed so many Nopes that in the end there were no users left nearby. Went stupid! We strongly recommend a visit to erotic mail order .

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