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Sing your anger out!

Sing your anger out!

Are you annoyed by student administrative work? Your professor never has time for you? The reading rooms are overcrowded and the cafeteria doesn't taste good again? Then it's time to find a complaint choir in your area or simply found one yourself.

These mixed amateur choirs sing about the suffering and hardship of everyday life. They complain in the style of hip-hop, hits, rock and pop or in classic song form about smelly mines, lack of parking spaces, local transport, traffic jams, neighbors, love problems - oh dear, whatever you want to complain about out loud.

Here's how it works: One person writes down their suffering briefly and concisely, an arrangement is worked out together and the whole thing is made singable. The loud complaining leads to an examination of the topic and often serves therapeutic purposes - perhaps overcrowded buses will then bother you less.

The whole thing started in Birmingham in 2005, and a year later there were the next choirs of complaints in Helsinki, Hamburg and St. Petersburg. The world's largest choir with a good 100 moaning singers complains about local grievances in Cologne.

Do you want to take a listen? Please!

Here we have more tips on how you can find your emotional balance again. And if you're fed up with Germany, you can book a student-friendly flight abroad.

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