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Don't be a hipster. Be a congstar: a new smartphone every year!

Don't be a hipster. Be a congstar: a new smartphone every year!

Let's be honest. Hipsters are a thing in themselves. You can love them, hate them, think of yourself as one, smile at them or simply marvel at their performance.

Our editorial team is based in one of the most popular hipster sources - Berlin! And yet, yes, we admit that we too are the kind of people who smile at the hipster from time to time... After all, we struggle through stressful everyday university life day after day, while the hipster seems to sit in St. Oberholz drinking lattes day in and day out .

Hipster parody at its finest

The campaign from congstar that had just been published was just right for us: Hipster Horst is sitting in the café with his friend Mike. Horst once again thinks Mike is super uncool, after all Mike isn't wearing an outfit from the thrift shop. However, Mike has a new smartphone. Horst is overwhelmed. He knows neither model nor technology. Poor Horst. Envy doesn't suit hipsters either. ;-)

The background to the creative TV spot is congstar's new cell phone exchange option, which was presented at the IFA in September. Customers can switch to the latest cell phone after one year for just five euros a month, provided they have booked a tariff plus a smartphone. A new cell phone every year? The principle is simple: old versus new!

How does cell phone swapping work?

You can find the details at . Suffice it to say: After a year, evaluate the condition of your smartphone and choose a new device. The old cell phone will then be sent back to congstar and you will receive a brand new device. So you get a new cell phone every year. Good to know: Replacing your smartphone does not require a contract extension.

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Photo credit: congstar

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