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Quick reading for beginners

Quick reading for beginners

The winter semester is starting and you come out of every seminar with an endlessly long reading list that has been washed away. Who is supposed to read all of this and, if possible, keep it in order to discuss the content eloquently with the professor? Don't worry, you can learn to read quickly . Not everyone has the time or money for such seminars, but there may be enough for helpful literature. As an allmaxx user you even get an audio book for free on Audible !

Here are a few book tips for quick reading:

“Read faster. Understand better." Wolfgang Schmidt: Exercise book for reading techniques with comprehension test.

“Speed ​​reading. Read faster, understand more, retain better.” Tony Buzan: Same topic, lots of self-tests and applicable everywhere.

“Optimal reading: Read faster – retain more. A 25 day program” Ernst Ott: The slightly longer instructions on how to get through 30 minutes a day. Exercise to learn a new reading technique.

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