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Get out of the summer slump and into the summer universities

Get out of the summer slump and into the summer universities

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What are you planning on doing this summer? Well, you can certainly kill time by studying, working and visiting friends, but why not do something sustainable that you can also benefit from personally? The AEGEE is a student organization that offers summer courses for you in over 70 European cities. But don't worry: you don't have to spend four weeks studying statistics or taking computer science courses; the focus is more on cultural exchange.

Language, culture & new friends

Whether canoeing courses in northern Spain, following in the footsteps of Count Dracula in Transylvania or pasta cooking courses in Bella Italia - the offer is extensive and should cover every interest. You also have the opportunity to polish up your language skills, immerse yourself in foreign cultures for a few weeks and meet new friends and expand your own horizons through lively exchanges with other course participants.

Where should it go?

The AEGEE offers three types of courses: The standard summer course with 14 hours of lessons per week and a duration of (on average) 2 weeks; the Summer Course Plus with 20 hours of lessons and the Traveling Summer University, where you get to know several cities at once. City hopping at its best!
As we all know, nothing in life is free, but with the Summer University offer you can say it's “almost free”, because with your fingers crossed you only pay between €100 and €200 and you already have accommodation, the course, food and other extras often included. You can get more detailed information and help you decide which city and which course is right for you here .

It's going to be a great summer! :-)

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