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radbag – original gift ideas for the uncreative

radbag – original gift ideas for the uncreative

The days are numbered...

... and the stress level increases. Soon the (Christmas) tree will burn and presents will have to come. But first the student needs good ideas. radbag helps with this. The website first filters by age group, addressee and personality before making suggestions for Christmas and various other occasions. For example, if you enter the coordinates “male”, gift value between €0 and €30 and type “adventurer” in the freaky category, the site will spit out a Tetris lamp in addition to a scratch-off world map. Other classic ideas such as digital breathalyzers, sleeping bags with arms and legs or battery-heated socks are waiting for you to find! These are really original gift ideas !

The sometimes bizarre gifts come from all over the world. They are clearly sorted by occasion, people and price. This will definitely save you a lot of annoying trips to department stores and shops where the rest of the world hunts for gifts.

Let's go!

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