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RIP Expedit shelf

RIP Expedit shelf

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A shocker is reaching us these days from IKEA. No, from now on the furniture will not be manufactured in such a way that it will be stable even after 2 years; There is also no child labor scandal. It's more about the ever-popular EXPEDIT shelf . The Expedit - the classic in every student apartment - is available in different colors and sizes and can be used as a bookcase, room divider or even as an oversized trash can for all the clutter that you accumulate over time. If the dust catcher is near the bed, you can even write nice love messages to your loved one in the centimeter-high layer of dirt on the individual shelves when you leave the house in the morning.

The mourning period begins in spring

And now here's the thing: they want to take all of this away from us! From April onwards, all versions of the Expedit shelf will be removed from the range. A daring step that may well backfire. How many apartments have you entered without at least one expedit standing there? There is already great dissatisfaction about this online and various Facebook groups, initiatives and other associations of people with too much free time want to fight to keep the Expedit shelf.

But why is the Expedit shelf dying?

How does IKEA react to this and what are the reasons? Spokespeople point out that it is just a “range change” and that a successor model called “Kallax” (in German: crispbread with moose pate) is in the starting blocks. Gosh! The fact is, we will miss the expedit - especially the little bag with the 500 additional particles and the two-hour setup with pressing, holding, turning, pressing again, holding again, turning again. And again. And again. In 20 years, the Expedit will probably adorn all museums on planet Earth as an antique furniture monument.

If you are now desperately looking for furnishing alternatives, you can get a few tips here .

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