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Exam preparation: tips & tricks for self-motivation

Exam preparation: tips & tricks for self-motivation

You already know your learning type and the associated learning techniques , right? Last week we also gave you advice on how to increase your concentration . Today we’ll tell you the best tips and tricks for self-motivation.

When we think about motivating ourselves, there is one devil that stands in our way: procrastination . No matter what you study, you will be visited by this devil - no, Satan - at least once every semester. You can find out how you can combat procrastination in the 10 tips against procrastination .

We also don’t want to withhold further tips and tricks for self-motivation from you:

1. Create a detailed schedule: Write yourself a schedule for the entire exam period in which you set study units for each day. This way you can chop off this piece of paper later like a checklist. It will be really good for you if you cross off points and see in black and white what you have achieved.

2. Start with the easiest: Learn what is easiest for you first. If you start with the hardest content, you will quickly despair and lose motivation for several days. Small successes are a boost, so start with the small tasks. For example, you can memorize what you already understand and later approach the complex topics.

3. Get rid of negative thoughts: Every student doubts themselves during the course of their studies. But if you generally enjoy the course of study, then overcome your pessimism. The exam has to be written one way or another and the sooner you have this stuff in your head, the less stress you will have afterwards. There's no way around cramming anyway!

4. Form study groups: Motivating each other is pretty much the best thing you can do. Find one or more learning partners and ask each other questions regularly. Feel free to discuss the material too. If there is an opportunity, meet and study together in the same place. This way you can control each other and not feel lonely and alone.

5. Set yourself long-term goals: e.g. If you pass your exam with an A, you will also be able to pass other exams with the top grade. Then you will complete your studies with an above-average average. This will increase your chances of getting a great job that will bring you a lot of money and a climb up the career ladder. Jackpot!

6. Reward yourself after a productive day of studying: Decide at the beginning of the day what you want to accomplish and plan something for the evening. For example, once you have learned the entire chapter, you can go on a date in the evening. Trust us, you'll learn like a champ to finish on time!

7. Punish yourself after a day of Lent: If rewards don't work for you, do the opposite. For example, set a punishment for yourself with your roommate. If you haven't memorized the math formulas, you have to wash the dishes for two weeks. You'll hate yourself for it!

8. Let your girlfriend/boyfriend kick your ass: If you live together, it will be easy. Whenever you get distracted and do everything but study, you will be admonished by your significant other. And after all, you don't want your loved one to think you're a bad egg.

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"Buy discipline - no matter the price!" But self-motivation doesn't have to cost anything. It's enough if you read here how you can increase your self-motivation.

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