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Party games for at home

Party games for at home

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Party here, party there. Quite a few students value social evenings at home rather than fidgeting with loud music every weekend. It doesn't always have to be Remmidemmi. Especially evenings with friends that don't take place in a club with hundreds of other people are valued and remembered. It's just a little more familiar. We have tips for you on how to make such an evening in your place a complete success and guarantee that you won't get bored. Spice up your party with party games:

Who am I?

You need at least two players for this. Do you take Post-It notes or other sticky notes and write down the name of a famous person on each one... Obama, Lady Gaga or Mickey Mouse? You stick it on each other's foreheads - so that the person who gets the piece of paper in the face doesn't see it, of course. And then you ask questions in turn, to which you answer with YES or NO: Am I female? Am I a singer? Am I working in politics? Am I real? Whoever guesses who he/she is first wins and then the next person wins, etc. Have fun and just pick out a bizarre star for each other!

I have never…

For this game you only need some alcohol or other drinks. You fill up small glasses with the drink and then it's done as needed. There should be at least three people in this game. The first one starts and admits that they have never done something before, for example, “I have never dated anyone from college.” However, everyone who has already done this has to drink.

Admittedly, it's pretty unlikely that you've never met one of your fellow students on a date. Let’s take another question: “I have never used Spicker on an exam.” Let's see who has the funniest mood at the end of the game :)

Power Point Karaoke

The very hard-working among you who also think about studying in your free time or those who want to proudly show off their successful presentations to others will love this game! Let's go with a laptop and projector. One by one, throw one of your presises at the wall and choose another person to present the content in the most entertaining way possible. You can get really creative. Let out what you never want your professors to see!


This game doesn't need any explanation :) If you have the cards and chips or anything that can be used as a replacement ready, just get started! Add a few treats to drink and eat and the home party is ready! It definitely creates excitement and the thrill increases with every move. By the way, it's also a game that you can play alone and it's at least as much fun on the computer! The poker rules are quite simple and can be learned quickly. So if you prefer the game, you're guaranteed to get your money's worth!

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