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Paddling in the winter semester!

Paddling in the winter semester!

In summer they really spread out on quarry ponds and rivers - the stand-up paddlers. Sure, stand up paddling is very trendy. But you can top it: For the really tough dogs, the season is just beginning! In winter you have the lake to yourself or you can meet just as crazy and winter-proof stand-up paddlers. In some places even the beach bars remain open, where you can get mulled wine, soups and winter caipi. You can find out where you can try out the trend sport in winter, what equipment you need in winter and what events and competitions you can take part in here . Otherwise, ask on campus whether stand-up paddling is offered in university sports. If you want to outfit yourself, take a look at Sportcheck !

The allmaxx team wishes you a lot of fun!

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