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Omnea – this is how you can increase the visibility of your start-up

Omnea – this is how you can increase the visibility of your start-up

Photo credit: Hebi65

Today, anyone looking for the hairdresser or optician around the corner no longer leafs through the familiar business directory, but instead looks for relevant companies and service providers online.

That's why it's crucial, especially for local businesses, to be found on the internet. Even small business owners who only have a small marketing budget can now remain competitive with , a technology start-up from Berlin.

Omnea was founded in 2013 by Thorsten Bohg (founder of Toptarif), Irfan Cerci (formerly at Coca-Cola, American Express and eBay) and Stefan Kühnemund (formerly at Jamba, among others).

How does Omnea work?

With its portfolio, Omnea particularly appeals to companies that rely on favorable marketing measures due to their budget. In a first step, Omnea uses specially developed technology to analyze the company's entire online presence and checks it for inconsistencies or missing profiles.

In the second step, all relevant company data (address, telephone number, opening times, images, descriptive text and special offers) are recorded and entered into the 30 most important online business directories, directories, search engines, social networks and apps via the Omnea headquarters. It is important that all entries are uniform and kept up to date. The more often a company is mentioned with the same name, address and telephone number, the more confirmation Google receives that it is an active business. If a customer review is received on one of the portals, Omnea notifies the company immediately.

“Local customer acquisition” is the keyword for 2014. 23 million people in Germany alone look for local products and services every day. Local marketing can reach these people. If entrepreneurs are aware that local marketing measures can be profitably relocated to the Internet, but the customer continues to make additional purchases in their own store, a high level of added value is created.

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