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“New Education for a new Economy” – The #dclass conference wants to dust off the education system

“New Education for a new Economy” – The #dclass conference wants to dust off the education system

The fact that the education system has some deficits probably doesn't need to be discussed at length at this point. Technology seems to be developing every hour, media use is commonplace in professional life, but are we adequately prepared for this in school?

Well, in German class we read novellas from the Middle Ages, which are about transporting the largest possible bales of straw to the neighboring farm in a horse-drawn carriage. Creative thinking and the ability to innovate are certainly not promoted and developed in this way.

But that is exactly what today's economy so desperately needs. New ways of learning and teaching are needed so that we can keep pace with the dynamic Internet economy.

#dclass conference – The slightly different educational conference with thought leaders and creative minds from the digital economy

The educational conference “New Education for a New Economy” will take place in Berlin-Neukölln on February 21st and 22nd. On the first day, approaches to innovative teaching and learning methods will be presented in “speak-outs” based on the TED principle. Topics such as educational opportunities through gamification, learning without a high school diploma, use of media during schooling or democratization of the education system through access to free online courses for the general public are on the agenda.

On the second day, the participants organize open workshops on their own and create new ideas and paths that the German education system could take.

Do you want to take part in the #dclass conference?

Then you have the choice of whether you pay in euros or in karma. As a non-profit event, the aim is only to cover costs. In plain language this means: The event has already refinanced itself with 40 paying guests. However, around 400 guests are expected. Given that education should be accessible to everyone, this also applies to the #dclass conference.

You therefore have the opportunity to provide a service in lieu of entry with the so-called karma deal. For example, you can help promote the event, give a talk, or bake buttered macarons for participants.

Do you want to make progress and pull the plug on the German education system? Don't think twice, register here!

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