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New apartment – ​​new electricity

New apartment – ​​new electricity

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You have successfully completed your Abitur and you also have admission to a university outside of your parents' place of residence. What's missing now is an apartment. Before you start looking for an apartment, you should keep in mind that the basic rent is the only factor over which you have no influence. All other costs for the apartment, the so-called consumption-related costs, reflect your consumption behavior and the choice of provider, which is up to you.

Finding an affordable apartment in university cities in Germany is a real challenge. Here you will find some valuable tips that are not only valid for Berlin.

Optimize consumption costs

Similar to choosing an internet provider, you also have the right to choose your own electricity provider. In order to find the best offer from the mass of offers, we recommend an online comparison , for example . Once you look at the different price levels, you will know what savings potential there is.

Very few of you don't have to worry about money; studying still means having to work part-time and/or receive BAföG. Neither are sources of money that allow money to be diverted unnecessarily for electricity.

Of course, in addition to choosing the cheapest provider, you also have the option of reducing your electricity costs yourself . LED lamps instead of classic light bulbs or consumer devices with excellent efficiency classes will definitely pay off sooner or later. This also applies to washing machines, where not only electricity consumption but also water consumption has a decisive influence on the household budget. Shared apartments in particular are well advised to agree on a washing machine with optimal consumption values, even if it may initially cost 50 euros more.

Changing provider – easier than expected

If you already have your own apartment or live in a shared apartment, the electricity provider may increase the prices. Getting angry is one thing, taking action is another.

The Handelsblatt describes how best to proceed in the event of a price increase and what needs to be taken into account in its issue of November 16, 2012 - the statements are still valid. It is important that after notification of the price increase you first check what notice periods you have . These differ between basic contracts and so-called special contracts. Special contracts sometimes exclude the right to terminate in the event of a price increase, but offer particularly favorable conditions when the contract is concluded. One of these exclusion reasons for a special termination is, for example , the increase in the EEG surcharge .

If you live in a shared apartment, you should think carefully together about what is important to you all about an electricity supplier. A low starting size does not always have to be an advantage ; a price guarantee for a certain period of time also offers a certain charm. In summary, you have three starting points to reduce electricity costs:

  • Choosing a cheap provider
  • Use of energy efficient household appliances
  • Controlled use of electricity consumers

Your household budget will be happy if you set the course in the right direction right from the start when you move into your first apartment.

Whether it's your first home, a new apartment or the same home but want a different electricity provider - here are our tips on what you should consider when switching electricity!

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