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Discover new things? Capture everyday life in pictures!

Discover new things? Capture everyday life in pictures!

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Easter is just around the corner and for many students that is a reason to escape into the wide world for a few days or longer . Buses, cars, trains and even planes are full of people who want to see something other than their own four walls or the university building, at least for a few days. Just relax!

Capture your memories in photos with a student discount!

There are enough offers from airlines and bus routes. Getting to know new cultures and customs – just one step away. Great pictures are created, memories are created and captured. After the vacation we tell friends and relatives about our experiences.

But what do people do who don't have the money for long trips? You don't have to travel that far to experience new things. Maybe the next memory is right on our doorstep and we just never noticed it. With cameras from Sony, for example, the images in everyday life are particularly good. If you have a tight budget, you can benefit from the student discount.

New experiences right on your doorstep

Visit new cafes, shops or lakes. For example, being a child again and riding around the town with friends and your old bike or skateboard. These things can also be worth a “click”. The perfect moment in life doesn't always have to be in a new, unknown place.

Instead of traveling to new countries, let's take a closer look. Our surroundings may have one or two surprises in store for us. Capture exactly these moments in pictures! This means you can discover the little things in life with a student discount, even on a small budget.

According to the motto: The next story is just around the corner from you!

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