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Men from Mars, women from Venus – How does the first date work?

Men from Mars, women from Venus – How does the first date work?

Winter semester 2013/14. Business Administration. Analysis for freshmen. Third row, fifth seat from the left. It's Carolin. Her long blonde hair shines throughout the lecture hall. Stephan discovered her immediately. From now on he only has one goal: arithmetic - good-bye, making his fellow student understand - yeah! The days go by and they finally happen to sit next to each other in the cafeteria. The first conversations are hesitant. The weekend is approaching and Stephan now wants to ask for Caroline's number. He thinks to himself: “Hmm, no, that’s too clear and way too flat. I ask if she’s on Facebook.” No sooner said than done and there you have it: the friend request and Stephan. Carolin also feels attracted to him, but she just can't judge exactly what he wants. A few messages back and forth and the first date is set. Now all that's missing is the place and time. Who expects what from a first date? Carolin is on the phone with her best friend Simone:

“Hopefully he suggests the dim bar in the neighborhood. It's not too loud, we can have a good conversation there. And luckily there aren't too many pretty girls there either. I don't like eating out - I hate being watched while I eat. So Saturday from 8 p.m. suits me best. Then I take another shower after my job and still have an hour to put on my make-up and take apart my wardrobe. I would like to wear the red dress, but it has a deep neckline. He shouldn't think that I'm like that. But the blue jeans with the new top are too good. What if he doesn't dress up at all and I'm too overdressed? Well hopefully he'll put something fresh on for me. Do I greet him with a hug or would I rather greet him with a kiss on the cheek? As a drink I order a sparkling wine. It doesn't pack a punch and it makes me look classy. Hopefully he will pay later. After a few sips Then I feel a little more relaxed and my legs no longer shake with excitement. Under no circumstances should I talk about my ex-boyfriends. The best way to tell me is that I have been playing the violin for 12 years and used to dance ballet. Which book am I actually reading right now? I have to think about it. Then I appear intellectual. The later the evening, the more hints I can actually make. His head cinema can be stimulated. He can like to think: A lady in the streets, a freak in the sheets. Kissing is allowed, right? But there's no way I'm going home with him. I'll save that for the second or third date. He’s supposed to conquer me.”

Meanwhile, the following expectations for the date are going through Stephan's head: "Saturday evening, 7 p.m., movie night at my place , pizza, beer for me - wine for her, Laber-Rhubarb, Schwipps, smooching and ***"

…tzz, if you understand women, you can also divide by zero.

*All people mentioned in the article were fictional. For all misunderstandings: the author of this article is an author.*

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