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Save the world quickly

Save the world quickly

Photo credit: Peter Jelinek (WWF Youth)

Going to demonstrate is no longer uncommon for many students these days. Tuition fees, a dilapidated education system, too few study places – there are enough reasons for students to take to the streets today and express their opinions.

There is a meeting in NY and the world is upside down

A few days ago, the whole world turned upside down in a demonstration to bring a completely different topic back to the fore: climate protection. Over 670,000 people took to the streets worldwide on September 21, 2014 to tell politicians, business and the media: Put climate protection back at the top of your agenda and do so now!

In New York alone, more than 300,000 people demonstrated with posters and whistles on the southern edge of Central Park. Incidentally, among the demonstrators was actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who campaigned for a binding climate protection agreement at the UN climate summit in New York just two days later.

And it was precisely this UN climate summit that was, so to speak, the trigger for the many demonstrations across the globe. 120 heads of state discussed what they are specifically doing or plan to do to achieve the two-degree goal in global climate protection.

The global People's Climate March was called by the global citizens' organization Avaaz, which counted actions in more than 160 countries (including Nepal, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Australia and the Congo).

Dancing for a climate protection agreement

In Germany, too, people took to the streets in many cities to demand stricter climate targets. Berlin was at the forefront and recorded three parallel protest marches that ultimately converged at the Brandenburg Gate. The motto: “Save the world quickly” .

At least one of the three protest marches showed that a demo does not always have to be completely typical: in the so-called “Silent Climate Parade”, the demonstrators dance through the street with borrowed radio headphones and express their message in a very quiet way.

“We want to inspire people, not shout at them. We want to raise awareness and experiment with alternatives.”

This was the text in the Silent Climate Parade Facebook event. And the concept seems to have worked. Several thousand people took part on September 21st. took part in the dancing demonstration procession, more than ever before!

Become active yourself

Would you also like to set an example for more urgency in climate protection? You can view and sign the Avaaz organization's petition here .

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