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Do it yourself!

Do it yourself!

Nailing in everyday student life? We do it, Andi from your statistics seminar does it and Marie from your shared apartment wants YOU to show it to you!

DIY is all the rage and with tight budgets in most student wallets, it's more of a necessity than a hobby. Saving and fun can also be easily combined, because with Do It Yourself (DIY) you can create unique works. We found the best tips here on Facebook. And if you have less time and prefer to buy unique items, DaWanda is the right place for you. From cool clothing, jewelry and accessories to furniture – no wish is left unfulfilled here.

In the course of the DIY development, more and more craft fairs, sewing, knitting and design meetings emerged. If you want to combine working with networking, meet up with the “Baustlern”. Behind this combination of “construction site” and “tinkering” are tinkerers who use tools, various materials and blueprints to invent useful everyday things, small robots or machines. We are also happy to work with designers and product developers. All Germany-wide Baustel dates are available by request via or via Twitter via @bausteln.

Have you got a taste for it? You can delve deeper into the topic of DIY with our favorite three book tips:

I did it myself: 365 days, 2 hands, 66 projects (Klingner, Susanne)

Vintage your life!: Live better, spend less between the kitchen and the wardrobe (Knight, India)

DIY: Design It Yourself: A Design Handbook (Lumpton, Ellen)

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