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Make your cross!

Make your cross!

About a month and a half before the election, it is also making itself felt on the streets. Suddenly high-ranking politicians use large-format posters to demand our votes for their party. The second guard hangs on lanterns, traffic lights and street signs and simply advertises them with their name or demands. So far so good. But how close is “big politics” to everyday student life when they are not exactly trying to get votes in the election campaign?

At first glance, the constant topics of taxes, minimum wage, pensions and health don't really fit into everyday student life. Seemingly. In life after college, yes. But it's also worth voting in other ways. After all, it is about questions that are already essential from today's perspective and will remain so: housing, affordable rents, tuition fees, research and education in general.

The presence of large parties at universities is frowned upon ; they have no place there. Universities work independently and the freedom of teaching cannot tolerate any party political taint. Nevertheless, politics is not completely left out on campus. Rather, different university groups are involved in different political camps and contribute their experience and expertise on university policy issues more or less intensively to the election campaign. At the same time, they insist on their independence from the major parties and are more likely to deal with current university issues that are up for debate beyond all election campaigns. However, everyone agrees: If you have a voice, you should use it. After all, we only have the choice every four years.

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