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Are you still alive or are you already crazy?

Are you still alive or are you already crazy?

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Today, a confident appearance is still the be-all and end-all in order to achieve recognition and reputation in both the private and professional spheres. But if we do a thorough sweep of our own front door, we all end up being a colorful bunch of freaks with strange habits, quirks and idiosyncrasies. We're lucky that the demand for psychology courses remains consistently high: sooner or later we all need one?!?! On the Tumblr Spleen24, anyone can anonymously post their worst or funniest tics to a wide audience. It doesn't take long for a whimsy to be approved by 1,000 other people.

We introduce you to a few of the funniest quirks and of course we had to smile affirmatively at one point or another:

  • “When I go home, I have to take the key out of my pocket several meters from the front door and hold it until I get to the door. Otherwise I'm afraid I won't be able to get it out of my bag in time and end up looking for it at the front door. ”
  • “For me, butter is always cut vertically from one side and margarine in the can is smeared from the top. Always so that everything looks neat. If someone messes up the butter, I'll 'fix' it. ”
  • “When I go shopping, I never reach for the first package on the shelf. It has to be at least the second one. I don’t like the idea that someone else has already smelled my shower gel, for example.”
  • “Whenever I really need to go to the toilet, I keep putting off going to the toilet and doing some pointless tasks until I almost can't stand it anymore and just want to get out. The feeling of relief when I can finally start pooping is simply indescribable…”
  • “Sometimes I think that I'm not actually a normal person and everyone around me is just pretending to be normal to make it as bearable as possible for me.”
  • “If my stuffed animal (which has been in my bed since I was a child) falls on the floor or I accidentally step on it, I gently stroke its head and say “sorry” in my head. If I don't apologize, I feel terribly guilty and ashamed of my heartlessness. People who know me wouldn't expect me to do something like that. ”
  • “Whenever I meet a person of the opposite sex, I add my last name to their first name and vice versa to see how it would sound if we got married.”
  • “When I arrive at the destination while listening to the radio, I always let the radio announcer finish the sentence before I turn off the engine, out of politeness…”
  • “When I vacuum up a spider, I always have to vacuum up a small hard object afterwards. I usually have a 1 or 5 cent piece ready in advance. Only when I hear the coin jingling in the vacuum cleaner tube am I reassured that the spider is really dead (the money kills it).”

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