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Last Christmas x 8

Last Christmas x 8

Who doesn't hate him? Last Christmas, a song so terrible that from the end of November onwards, year after year, you no longer dare turn on the radio. It's bad enough that Wham plays out of the speakers every year, there have been countless "artists" in the history of this "work of art" who thought it would be a good idea to cover the schmalz anthem. Now we have already survived Christmas this year. Here's a Last Christmas cover worst-of. Why? Therefore!

The great original from Wham :

The hipster version of Peace :

The, well, rock version of Jimmy Eat World :

The really worst cover of Cascada :

Culturally valuable from Scala :

In German from Schlager King Matthias Reim :

And for the really diehards in the Special Christmas Mix (15 minutes of pure Christmas joy):

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