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Free audio book "The Gates of the World" by Ken Follett

Free audio book "The Gates of the World" by Ken Follett

Do you like historical novels? Then you definitely can't miss the film adaptation of Ken Follet's "The Gates of the World", which is being shown on television this evening (8:15 p.m. on Sat.1). The part can be seen as a sequel to the novel “The Pillars of the Earth”. However, if you already have something else planned today or want to read the book that goes with the film first, we have a great recommendation for you: simply download Ken Follett's "The Gates of the World" as a free audio book from Audible. Audible gives you a free audio book of your choice during the trial month. Simply register as a new customer with Audible, select a trial subscription and download the audio book. The subscription can then be canceled online or by email. So there is no risk.

Audible audio book "The Gates of the World" by Ken Follett

"The Gates of the World" can be seen as a kind of successor to Follett's bestseller "The Pillars of the Earth" - which can also be downloaded as a free audio book . The action begins 200 years later and follows the characters Merthin, Ralph, Caris, Godwin and Brenda on their lives. Each of them has different dreams and goals and will experience happiness as well as misfortune. Ken Follett's novels are characterized by being extremely well researched, full of background information and suspense. An absolute reading pleasure that you can download as a free audio book from Audible and have it read aloud by speaker Tobias Kluckert.

Die Tore der Welt von Ken Follett als kostenloses Hörbuch

By the way: On the subject of historical novel adaptations, we immediately think of the following FAZ article on the third part of “The Wandering Whore” . A really funny film review that you should definitely read!

Immerse yourself in Ken Follett's Middle Ages again by downloading the free audio book "The Gates of the World" from Audible.

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