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Free audio books for the holidays

Free audio books for the holidays

Sometimes the holidays can get a bit boring and that's why we have a colorful mix of best-selling audio books to sweeten the holidays for you. If none of the titles above appeal to you, simply browse Audible's large online library and get a free audio book of your choice to download .

1. Audible audiobook "No Kiss Under This Number" by Sophie Kinsella

Poppy Wyatt is about to get married to the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, she first loses her extremely valuable engagement ring and then her cell phone is stolen. But she finds a discarded smartphone and keeps it. The cell phone actually belongs to businessman Sam Roxton, but unfortunately Poppy is not willing to give the cell phone back. She starts browsing through his messages and quickly sorts out a few little things for him. Suddenly, not only are Poppy's wedding preparations getting out of control, Sam can also use a little help. If you would like to listen to the novel, you can download the audio book for free from Audible .

Kein Kuss unter dieser Nummer von Sophie Kinsella als kostenloses Hörbuch

2. Audible audiobook “Just Your Life” by Peter James

Naomi and John Klaesson's son dies of a rare genetic disease. The desperate parents' last hope is Dr. Leo Dettore is supposed to be an expert in the field of genetic research and help you have a healthy child. A child with special abilities. But when Naomi becomes pregnant, nothing is as it once was. And Leo Dettore has disappeared. A real nightmare begins. If you would like to listen to Peter James' exciting crime novel, you can download the free audio book from Audible .

Nur dein Leben von Peter James als kostenloses Hörbuch

3. Audible audiobook “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen

Jane Austen's brilliant novel "Pride and Prejudice" is about the clever and lively Elizabeth Bennet, who is forced to marry in the most advantageous way possible. However, she must follow her heart, which forbids her to enter into a marriage without genuine affection. She smugly rejects both Mr. Collins and the proud Mr. Darcy - and only realizes her delusion when it is almost too late. Jane Austen's masterpiece is also available to download as a free audio book from Audible .

Stolz und Vorurteil von Jane Austen als kostenloses Hörbuch

4. Audible audio book “The Kangaroo Chronicles” by Marc-Uwe Kling

“Can you pay today?” asks the kangaroo after eating. “Today?” I ask. “Time?” I ask. “I always have to pay because you never take money with you.” “Well,” says the kangaroo, smiling. “That’s how it is in the world. One has the bag, the other has the money.” A cabaret artist who doesn't want to be called a cabaret artist, and a communist kangaroo who's really into schnapps chocolates. Marc-Uwe Kling talks about everyday life and the revolutionary escapades of this strange shared apartment and if you want to hear what else happens, you can download the free audio book "The Kangaroo Chronicles" from Audible .

Die Känguru-Chroniken von Marc-Uwe Kling als kostenloses Hörbuch

5. Audible audiobook "Shades of Gray 3: Liberated Lust" by EL James

After Ana manages to build a deeper relationship with Christian and they both begin to enjoy their love, Ana must face and overcome the demons of Christian's past. You can listen to the free audio book “Shades of Gray 3” from Audible to see whether Ana and Christian can prevail against the jealousy and intrigues of those around them.

Fifty Shades of Grey 3 von E. L. James als kostenloses Hörbuch

To coincide with the release of the movie “The Hobbit,” we would also like to recommend that you download the free audio book from Audible .

Best-selling audiobooks for the holidays – download for free with an Audible trial month.

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