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Free eBooks for your studies

Free eBooks for your studies

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For many students, the path to high-quality study materials often leads to the library or (online) bookstore. It is also much easier, more comfortable and cheaper. There are now free eBooks for numerous subjects that you can easily download .

With the provider b ookboon you don't even need to register: you simply select the eBook you want and can then download it immediately. Over 1,000 free eBooks from a wide range of areas are available here. From natural sciences to law or business administration – your field is sure to be represented.

Free eBooks often help to enhance term papers or theses, as many professors consider the sources to be more suitable than sources from the Internet. Free eBooks are a good way to complete your studies with really good literature and still not have to dig deep into your pockets.

How do free eBooks work?

These eBooks are truly 100% free, no obligation, no tricks. Bookboon provides students with free teaching materials. In order to finance the whole thing, you will occasionally find advertising in the free eBooks, but these do not make up more than 15 percent of the content. The advertisements often come from German companies. Potential employers are essentially investing in you while you're still studying.

Which eBooks are currently particularly popular?

We have created a top 10 list with the 10 most downloaded eBooks:

1. The successful interview

Here you will find out everything about the most important tool in personnel selection and how you can prepare it optimally

2. I still can't speak English

Learn how to learn to speak English quickly and easily using effective tools like social learning.

3. The WOW! Application

Away from the 0815 application towards an application that really impresses. You can find out how this works with this free eBook.

4. Basics of legal working methodology

Presentation of the legal working methodology with reference to civil law and special private rights as well as public law.

5. Write successful academic papers

A great guide if you have to write a scientific paper and would like tips on choosing topics, writer's block and citation rules.

6. Achieve goals independently

In this eBook you will learn effective tools on how to live the life you imagine in a self-determined and safe manner.

7. Just write

Well-written texts decide on a career both at work and in studies. You can learn how to come up with a good text here.

8. Self-motivation

20 practical tips for your self-motivation!

9. Decision-making techniques

The ebook “Decision Techniques” clearly explains models such as the decision tree or the influence diagram.

10. Mental strength

In order to achieve top performance, you need a certain mental strength. How to get there is brilliantly explained in this free eBook.

You can find the entire selection of free eBooks for studies and work here . We hope you enjoy learning and browsing for free!

Books for law, business administration and co. - immediately available and for free? With our hot tip you can get the best literature for your studies as free eBooks!

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