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Climate protection in everyday student life

Climate protection in everyday student life

Environmental protection, green electricity, sustainability – during election campaigns, all parties want to score points with “green issues”. Sure, it’s everyone’s business. Our everyday life has become quite “green”. Nobody has to travel long distances to the only health food store in the city anymore and the bike has long since established itself as a practical and environmentally friendly means of transport. So are issues like climate protection and sustainability really current and important when we live much more consciously ? The simple answer: yes. After all, global warming continues, climatic changes are already becoming noticeable, too much carbon dioxide is still being released into the atmosphere worldwide and resources are running out.

Sustainability – but what is that again?

The term actually comes from forestry and means that no more wood should be felled than can grow back. Today it not only refers to the responsible use of all natural resources, but also an attitude: think first, then act. This not only affects environmental issues, but also economic and social issues such as corporate leadership style and corporate policy as well as social commitment.

What does all this have to do with me? A whole lot. Environmental and climate protection only works if there is responsibility for society as a whole. Besides, it can actually be fun . We have a few tips:

Is your inner bastard preventing you from cycling to university? Realize that cycling is one of the easiest fitness exercises. Train your leg muscles, add color and clear your head - then you'll stay awake in every lecture, no matter how long. Apart from that, it is cheaper than any car, no matter how cheap. And in winter you can switch to buses and trains…

Is “organic” too expensive for you as a student ? Every discounter now sells goods with an organic seal and in many cooperatives you can buy ecologically correct, regional and seasonal products cheaply as a member. By the way, it usually tastes better too.

Would you like to shop consciously and don't know how? Then get inspiration here on how you can make your everyday life more sustainable .

Social commitment sounds so big, but it starts small. Take a look around your neighborhood to see where you can get involved. Volunteer exchanges take place regularly in many cities. There are also numerous initiatives where services are exchanged. You give math tutoring, but your neighbor sands the floorboards for you. Here you can find exchange rings near you.

The allmaxx team wishes you a lot of fun!

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