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Lots of babies thanks to Erasmus

Lots of babies thanks to Erasmus

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Let's be honest - when it comes to the EU exchange program Erasmus, everyone probably thinks first of funded study stays and numerous obligatory shared flat parties. If you were to ask Erasmus participants today about their current priorities, family planning would certainly not be at the top of the agenda.

And yet: According to a recently published study by the EU Commission, the Erasmus program, which was launched in 1987, is bringing something rather unexpected with it: the birth of over a million “Erasmus babies”.

The European student program not only improves the participants' future career opportunities and individual skills, but is also very fruitful in terms of partnership. Almost a third of the Erasmus participants surveyed met and fell in love with the partner of their life during their Erasmus stay.

For many students, accepting the Erasmus program can also spark hope for private happiness in love.

Foreign experience = job guarantee?

Whatever the personal outcome of the stay abroad, participants in the program can count themselves lucky anyway, because the study also showed that “experience abroad” is of enormous value for employers. The graduates would be given more responsibility and the employer would benefit from important cross-sectional skills such as self-confidence or openness. According to the experts, subsequent unemployment is also less likely if you have previously spent time abroad.

From the all-round carefree Erasmus package...

Of course, that sounds great at first glance and you might think that the stay abroad is a guarantee of an all-round, worry-free package - both professionally and privately.

But perhaps there is something more to it than that: namely the type of person who embarks on the “adventure abroad” and therefore has completely different character traits than the “student at home”. Both student characters have their value and their strengths, but are still very different. And so it is likely that both characters will experience professional and personal happiness, just in different ways.

Because not every company is international today. And as we all know, a lid fits on every pot ;-)

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