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Is this art or can it go away?

Is this art or can it go away?

Van Gogh – late impressionism, you recognize it. Andy Warhol – Pop Art, not always clearly definable, but always clearly recognizable. Salvador Dali – Surrealism, rarely clear, but in any case artistically demanding. And then there is modern art, which certainly wants to tell us a lot - the question is what? Even students of artistic disciplines are often left speechless. It is of course extremely disrespectful to deny painting its claim and its beauty. But we have found a test that will probably make even the best art historians among you sweat... and laugh.

11 pictures, you have to decide whether they are modern art or toddler doodles. Nobody can do 11 correct ones – let’s just believe that. True to the motto: Is this art or can it go away?

It's this way!

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