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I want you, but you don't want me?

I want you, but you don't want me?

Occupational disability insurance is one of the few insurances that is interesting for almost everyone, but unfortunately not everyone can take out!

For example, if you decide to take out pension insurance, you can take it out in 10 minutes and be sure that the insurance company will accept it.

Unfortunately, this is different with occupational disability insurance. Here the insurers check very carefully who they offer which insurance cover to. A few years ago it was mainly the state of health that had to be in order, today it is much more so. In addition to a customer's general payment habits, it is also checked whether the profession can be insured. The insurers have a lot of control over the premium. Professions that the insurer would like to insure are priced very cheaply, while other professions are very “generous” and thus simply become too expensive for the customer. Some professions are not insured at all by many companies, such as artists. Since most companies have similar acceptance guidelines, the path to occupational disability insurance is blocked for many.

You should pay attention to this

When it comes to health status, a qualification is always not possible if you currently have an illness that could have an impact on your ability to work. Even if an illness has healed, it can become a hurdle if there is a possibility of the illness coming back. Especially in the case of mental illnesses, you should inform yourself carefully before taking out insurance.

Basically, insurers try to offer insurance protection here and work with premium surcharges or exclusions of existing pre-existing illnesses in order to reduce the risk to that of a healthy person.

What many people don't realize when taking out occupational disability insurance is that it's a lot of money for the insurer and you. Even with a relatively modest BU pension of €1,000, early and long-term occupational disability can quickly add up to a total benefit amount of over €500,000.

Your advantage as a student

It is therefore well advised to apply for insurance as early as possible, because then your health is usually better than later. When it comes to professional restrictions, as a student you still have all the options. Many insurers have discovered students as an interesting target group and offer affordable premiums. It is important to ensure that the contribution does not increase later when you start working life. For example, because as a structural engineer you are exposed to a higher risk than during your studies.

You can find this and much more information at . As described, many insurers offer special conditions for students and young professionals - one example is the multiple test winner CosmosDirekt (Comfort Protection was tested in Finanztest 07/2013).

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