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Household contents insurance for your first home

Household contents insurance for your first home

This is how you live safely

When you move out of home, you suddenly have to deal with a lot of things that your parents always took care of before, such as taking out your own insurance for the first time. Because something can always happen (just ask your parents!) that you cannot influence yourself, e.g. damage caused by fire or water, break-in or destruction of your beautiful four walls by others (by that we don't mean the housewarming party). Household contents insurance pays compensation (rule of thumb!) for anything that falls out when you turn the apartment (or the basement, the garage, the balcony or even the terrace - if you have one). In individual cases, it will also cover hotel or clean-up costs. You can find more detailed information about benefits, rights and obligations here .

How much does good home contents insurance for students actually cost?

That always depends on the size of your own four walls. The insurance companies base this on the square footage of your apartment and the sum of the insured values. Many providers offer favorable conditions, especially for students, when it comes to household contents insurance for their first home - for example Gothaer Versicherung. Here you can put together service packages according to your needs and calculate your contribution exactly. In addition, you are temporarily insured in your old and new apartment during a move, for a maximum of three months.

By the way: If you end up in the wrong neighborhood and your valuables are stolen under threat of violence, Gothaer's household contents insurance will also compensate you for this damage.

At you will find ten good reasons for student household contents insurance. This includes, for example, that you are protected even during a semester abroad, that there is no deductible and that insurance is also suitable for shared accommodation. In addition, your most important work device, your laptop, is also protected when you are away from home.

Be careful, read the small print too!

Normally it should go without saying that you follow a few simple rules in your apartment to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Insurance companies naturally take things very seriously and describe your rights and obligations in detail in their policies. You should be careful when you leave the apartment: anyone who leaves candles burning unattended or does not turn off the washing machine or dishwasher is partly to blame for any damage. In the cold season you should always make sure that your apartment does not get too cold. Because if pipes freeze over and pipes break, it's your fault and that becomes really expensive. So it's best to focus on good cooperation and make sure that the neighbors heat the apartment when you're on a big trip to visit family or friends.

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