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Well dressed and warm through the winter

Well dressed and warm through the winter

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We have absolutely nothing against the cold season. Summer also has a lot going for it, but in terms of fashion we can really let off steam, especially in autumn and winter.

After all, depending on the temperature, you can combine many more items of clothing and your beloved hats and cozy scarves can finally be taken out of the closet again. For us, fashion is something very creative; every morning you have the opportunity to express how you feel and how you want to face the world.

And when it's a little cooler outside, we make ourselves comfortable on the sofa with a cup of tea and look online for new cozy trophies for our wardrobe. We pay particular attention to getting through the cold season warm but still in cool style:

Layered look

Everyone probably knows it: our mom taught us to dress like an onion in winter. In winter we therefore need a lot of basic tops such as tops, long sleeves or tight-fitting T-shirts. We currently find sporty tank tops with a bit of lace particularly nice for women, such as the top from “rosemunde” in the color beige .

The sporty character is complemented by something feminine and silk simply feels good in every season!

Functional underwear

We value thermal underwear not just for winter sports. High-quality materials such as microfiber feel super comfortable on the skin and keep the kidneys and abdominal organs warm.

Fortunately, the days when functional clothing seemed rather unattractive and old-fashioned are over. There are so many trendy designs and colors today that you can usually never decide. When doing yoga, for example, allmaxx editor Vera currently prefers to wear a sports bra from Venice Beach . The material hugs the body gently and still allows the skin to breathe.

No more cold hands

If you like going for walks in winter and prefer to hide your hands in warm jacket pockets, you can think about reusable hand warmers. The hand-sized packets are easily activated by folding them and then provide long-lasting warmth for several hours. The great thing about it: You can use them again and again by putting them in boiling water at home. Hand warmers are available in many drugstores or online, for example here .

If you just follow these three tips, the cold season won't have much of an impact on you. Time to turn to the best topic: How do I get through the winter well-dressed and which trends are determining fashion for men and women this season?

Girls, it's going to be feminine!

This winter we think the change between gentle natural tones such as camel, soft white and gray is particularly chic. If you combine these light colors, the whole outfit looks feminine and natural. Such an outfit usually looks particularly good on women with light skin tone.

Our tip: To do this, create gentle waves with the straightening iron and lightly coat your eyelashes.

You can find warm jackets that are really good and don't make you look like a Michelin Man here .

Our favorite accessory at the moment is the Kashmir beanie hat from Hallhuber . It's super fluffy and the color makes your eyes shine.

You can find more great individual pieces that are perfectly color coordinated here .

Guys, leave the jeans in the closet!

This winter, your otherwise beloved jeans can stay in the closet. Because chinos are currently the hottest trousers and are suitable for every occasion. So that it doesn't get too cold, it's best to choose chinos made of wool. A combination of a jacket, cardigan-knit jacket or trench coat goes well with this.

Shirts are also with us this winter, often with wild patterns and all-over prints. And one more thing: shoes complete every outfit! Regardless of whether you choose sneakers or opt for elegant leather shoes: In the end, your footwear not only supports you, but also your look!

Hot tip: Really good jackets don't always have to cost a fortune. Here you can find cool items on sale.

Not just to keep you warm, but to be one step ahead of your fellow students in terms of style. Here are our tips for the ultimate winter outfit - for boys and girls.

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